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David Weisenthal wasn’t born a storyteller, but became a ‘Fabler’ through travels in out-of-the-way locales.

 is his 1st novel. Weisenthal’s adventures took him on a lifelong journey to many places most people only read about and his escapades are things that dreams come from.

     Presently, he is working on several yarns. Future books will include:

  • Havana Highway, a tale about being hijacked to Cuba in 1968 when he was 20 years old.

  • The Cosmic Palace, is a trip down memory lane with stories about his hippie days of partying with The Dead and other stuff.

  • And, Camp Fed, a Mash type comedy spoof about being exposed to the federal prison system.

     Weisenthal worked for Chase Manhattan Bank as a financial analyst; dealt antiques; started several successful businesses; and, imported/ exported products from all over the world (both legal and illegal). For his rogue exploits, he spent some time in prison for conspiracy to possess pot. He has "retired" numerous times...the last of which found him living the good life down in Jamaica...where the tale came to life!